About the Artist

Darcy Doiel is an award winning artist and instuctor

First Place – Snowy Owl
Second Place – Maxine
Artists’ Choice Award – Moody Blue Wisconsin Pastel Artists
Merchandise Award – Evening Tea Wisconsin Pastel Artists

Darcy completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and accepted a position with the National Gallery in Washington D.C. She later pursued employment in various galleries in Northeastern Wisconsin. Darcy specialized in custom framing for which she received numerous awards including at the national level. Her work included the sales of fine art within the galleries. Upon relocating to South Florida, she initiated several artistic endeavors including hand-created artistic pillows which were sold in many stores and boutiques. Additionally, Darcy started a faux finishing business primarily for clients on the island of Pam Beach, where she resided.

In semi-retirement, following additional years as an elementary school teacher in South Florida, Darcy now focuses on the creation of her paintings in various mediums. Some of her art can also be seen at various galleries in Sturgeon Bay, Neenah and Appleton, all in Wisconsin where she maintains a summer residence.

Darcy is putting the finishing touches on her painting.
Wine in Rome
Mitzi the Super Dog

It’s hard to separate the rest of my life from my art because everything brings me back to it. While walking or driving, I notice the way the light is bouncing off a building, lighting up a tree branch or reflecting on the water. Even while reading a book, which I do every night, I imagine the scene the  author is describing and how I would paint it. If I’m looking at you, I’m probably wondering how I could define the planes on your face.

If you’d ask how I find my zen I’d say snorkeling. Lying in the water with just the sea sounds and the constant change of nature below me. 

 I love the real hugs from family and friends.